The Roots

Schwarzcube is a place where like-minded people gather to develop new products, methods, and technologies in the flow of the fourth industrial revolution. As technology breaks more and more limits every day, it is only natural that happiness and comfort are increased proportionally. Our mission is to use this advancement for the benefit of society.

The only thing we take to heart is what we do, hence why our development team has a very personal, emotional and time-taking approach to everything they produce, unlike “the other companies” you have come across. There are as many opinions as there are people, especially in design.

And that is why when we create something that WE think is perfect, we first ask our families, friends, neighbors and their relatives what THEY think about it, what they like and dislike, rework any details if needed, and only then show you the best outcome.

A product is never “completed” for us until you say so.

Development Area


Schwarzcube has taken an innovative approach to recruitment by performing the “eco-system compatibility analysis” (ESCA) for both the candidate and the company. This procedure analyzes the individual competencies and characteristics of the candidate and its compatibility with the work culture of the company. In order to guarantee professionally and psychologically qualified candidates, they will receive continuous in-house training during their stay at the company, free of charge to the employer.

Recruitment Area

We have a blazing fast web hosting solution for you! Whether you have low traffic, a brand new blog or own a popular business site, Hostenstein has got you covered! Whether you’ve never run a website before or are a professional developer, rest assured we have a web hosting solution to meet your unique needs!

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To Hostenstein

Unfortunately, in the business world, we tend to forget our “human” side and to be thankful for what we have. What is the point of running a business if you can’t help the unfortunate ones from time to time anyway?

This is why we decided that we want a project purely for helping other people… A charity project!
And that is how the project “Kemanza” was born. What is it? Another flight ticket & hotel search engine, like the many others?
Yep! It’s exactly the same, except that the tickets it finds you, are cheaper than “the other ones” will provide you with, and the profit that the project generates, goes for a 100% to the poor. Yes, really 100%.

So in short, every ticket you buy, or a hotel you book, will feed the poor.

Are you interested in cooperation to make the world a better place? Drop us a message!


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